It’s never been easier to get strong, toned abs in just weeks with the exclusive Abdometer technology!

About The Abdometer

The Abdometer is the easy way to tone your abs fast! With this exclusive technology, you get a complete core workout and it’s as simple as “PUSH and HOLD”.

Sport science lab tests prove that the abdometer increases abdominal activity by 450% compared to regular crunches. That means that you get more than FOUR TIMES the workout in the same amount of time! It’s simple, when you use the abdometer your abs work harder than traditional exercises and that’s why you get great results in just 5 minutes per day!

Why It Works

  1. Patented “PUSH” and “HOLD” monitoring technology.
  2. “Cheat” feature ensures you are targeting your abs.
  3. Keeps Your Back Aligned and Supported.
  4. 10 levels and 20 exercises, it’s suitable for all fitness levels.
  5. Automatically inflates to fit your body.
  6. It is always monitoring your technique.
  7. Provides Audio and Visual Feedback.
  8. Abdominal strength test allows you to watch your strength improve.
  9. Modes for both strengthening and toning.
  10. Separate modes for men and women.
  11. Effective inner thigh toning machine.
  12. Small compact size.
  13. Targets your lower abs.
  14. Places less stress and pressure on your spine.
  15. Ensures that you are isolating the correct muscles,
    example: Abs and not hip flexors.
  16. Instructional and Workout DVD included.
The Abdometer® works because it was designed with physiology in mind. It allows users to strengthen muscles throughout their entire core, whereas most ab devices focus only on the rectus abdominus muscles—the outermost muscles that form the “six-pack”. The Abdometer® gives real results because it strengthens these muscles in addition to the obliques, spinal erectors, transverse abdominals and so on. No one can have a perfectly flat stomach without strengthening all of the core muscles. The Abdometer® makes it easy.
The Abdometer® works because it maximizes the effectiveness of abdominal exercises. When the device is placed in the natural arch of the lower back it ensures your back is properly aligned, so you naturally engage the correct muscles. If you don’t, the Abdometer® lets you know—it elicits a beeping sound until you use proper form. Without the Abdometer’s® patented measuring device, it is nearly impossible to accurately test the strength of the abdominals. By accurately monitoring your abdominal strength and exercise technique, the Abdometer® promotes faster and better results!
Yes. To effectively complete crunches, you must be in the right position to properly activate your abdominal muscles. Otherwise, your efforts are engaging your hip flexors and straining your back muscles. The Abdometer® immediately puts you in the perfect position to get the best results out of your ab workout. It helps you relax the muscles you want to avoid training, and activate the muscles you really want to focus on.
Yes. The Abdometer® flattens the stomach because it tightens muscles in the core that, when weak, can cause the stomach to appear distended. You can speed up fat loss from the stomach area by following the information provided in the nutrition section of this website.
Yes, people of all fitness levels can benefit from the Abdometer®. It’s perfect for beginners because it’s simple to use and comes with detailed instructions. But it also has 10 different levels, which enables you to change the intensity of your workout, making it suitable for all fitness levels.
The measuring device in the Abdometer® is very accurate. It contains the same technology used in electric blood-pressure monitors that you can find in pharmacies or purchase to monitor your blood pressure at home. Both take precise measurements of pressure in millimeters of mercury (mmHg), a unit for measuring atmospheric pressure. Doctors use the same technology to measure blood pressure, too—they just have to calculate manual readings. The Abdometer® automatically gives you an accurate reading of your abdominal strength.


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